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These incredible designs attract power and luck to the wearer.
The gems used have healing and other powers to utilize energy to promote change.


"Iím mostly interested in interpreting the beauty of life, both the spiritual and the manifest."

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Fine craft art jewelry models
Introducing Nicole & Michel. They will be modeling the jewelry on the image details pages
Gorgon Medusa Pendant-Laurie Stetzler

Medusa pendant

Hera, the wife of Greek god Zeus, in a jealous rage, turned this poor woman into a gorgon. The purpose being to cause no man to look on her again without turning to stone! Well, itís just one of those pieces I had to do. She has very powerful woman energy. Lost wax cast in sterling silver with 24K triple plated gold vermeil. Sheís a pendent.
Plain sterling-$150.00

Chain sold separately.
Gold Spectrolite Phoenix pendant-Laurie Stetzler  Gold Spectrolite Phoenix pendant-Laurie Stetzler

Gold Phoenix pendant

This is a design representing the "mythical" Phoenix rising from destruction to live again. It represents hope, courage and the irrepressible upward striving of all life. The stone I'm using is called Spectrolite, a relative of Moonstone and a very high quality variation of Labradorite. I purchased some incredible gem quality rough from Finland several years ago.You may select another gemstone in this piece.(it won't, however, affect the price as I use only top quality rare gems in all my work, unless you want a very precious gem, then it goes up appropriately)This piece is one and one half inches high. Weight between 5-7 grams depending on karat weight. As the gold market changes daily, I can only give an approximate price.
18K - $1800.00
14K - $1500.00
Or Contact for quote due to volatility of gold market.
Chain may be purchased separately. use bails on these now for longer wear
Unicorn sculpture/pendant-Laurie Stetzler

Dancing Unicorn Sculpture/Pendant

1 1/2 Inches tall full standing sculpture. Talisman of the Joy of life in every line of this little unicorn. Lost wax cast in sterling with 24K vermeil triple plated gold.
Can either be ordered as a pendent or, with out the loop as a free standing piece.
Plain sterling price- $150.00

18K Phoenix and Sugilite pendant
Please click image to see larger views and
the gel transparancy from the back of this beautiful piece.
This pendant was a 2012 Christmas order
to specially use my hand cut Sugilite as the main gem.
It works beutifully with the 18K gold.
Very royal.

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sterling Phoenix Spectrolite Pendant -Laurie Stetzler

Sterling Phoenix Pendant

This is a design representing the "mythical" Phoenix rising from destruction to live again. It represents hope, courage and the irrepressible upward striving of all life. The stone I'm using is called Spectrolite, a relative of Moonstone and a very high quality variation of Labradorite. It's is said to enhance pyhic energy and the sense of well being and calm. The colors, when they flash, are much brighter than opals and more dramatic. You may select another gemstone in this piece I cast this one in sterling silver.This piece is one and one half inches high.
Chain may be purchased separately.

For other gemstones contact me.
Stag Goddess Pin-Laurie Stetzler

Roebuck Pin

This is a low relief sculpture of the Roebuck represented in the acid-etched version of my design. The Roebuck is one of the sacred animals of the huntress goddess, Diana. It is also an ancient symbol of the Goddess as Stag in northern European countries. It is sterling silver with the horns in 24k triple plated vermeil. This piece is two inches long.

In plain sterling- $95.00
Pegasus silver gold pendant-Laurie Stetzler

Pegasus Pendant full Sculpture

Full 3-dimensional sculpture. Love those wings; she looks about to fly right away. A true stunner; cast in sterling 1 5/8" tall.
If your soul yearns to fly, let her take you along.
For men and women. Chain goes under a curved piece between the wings!
Signed and copyrighted by the artist.

Gold or Sterling Chain sold separately.
Art Deco Women Crystal/lapis Pendant-Laurie Stetzler
Art Deco Women
Crystal Pendant

This is a one -of -a kind piece.(Lapis Lazuli works at the 6th chakra known as Ajna, this chakra governs all the bodily functions as well as the pychic ability. Working with lapis strengthens the mind and allows insight to influence you in life.) And the quartz crystal is natural.(One of the most universally used crystals, clear quartz is considered to be a good overall health enhancer. It is good for focusing the mind, body and spirit.) Itís really a show-stopper. The Lapis is gem quality, lovely blue with beautiful pyrite stars. 3/4" wide 1 1/2" From point to point. Sterling silver with 24K triple plated gold vermeil.
A truly special pendent; chain included.

 "I hope youíll find in my designs inspiration for yourself".

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Plume agate sterling Phoenix ring  - Laurie Stetzler

Sterling or Gold Phoenix Ring

    Phoenix ring designed with nods toward Egyptian, Celtic and Art Noveau stylistics. This is a handcarved and lost wax cast sterling ring. It will be carved individually to your tastes as a custom ring. The gem is a rare Idaho Plume agate - handcut by myself. I'm offering this ring as a custom ordered piece with choice of stone.
  This will allow us to work together in personalizing the ring for you. This is a pretty large ring at 25mm long, but I can adjust it for any shape stone and smaller/larger size. The Phoenix has always been one of my favorite talismans, reminding us there is always hope.

Base price in sterling is $1200.00 due to all the extra carving I do on these to personalize it.
Please specify size on all rings
Contact me for quote on ring in gold, due to volatility of gold market.
Please see my gemstones galleries (click) for many of the gems I have available. I can cut any gem to suit for this ring.

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Pegasus pin/pendant-Laurie Stetzler

Pegasus Pin/Pendant

Want the freedom? Zeusí, the king of the Greek Gods, personal mount. A totally mythological figure, unfortunately. Who wouldnít want a horse who can fly? Well now you can have one in sterling silver with 24K triple plated gold vermeil, either on a chain or as a pin. 2 1/4 high by 2'wide.
Pin or pendent
$199.99 plain sterling- $95.00
Chain sold separately .

Medusa Bolo
or Belt Buckle or Pendant

This poor woman was pursued by Zeus, father of the Greek Gods. His wife, Hera, jealously turned her hair into a nest of snakes, thereafter turning to stone any man who gazed upon her. Her demise is one of the trickier things in Greek myth a man did involve a mirror, however.
Low relief cast in sterling, she is a show-stopper!
I have her with a dark navy leather bolo cord, but I have quite a few other colors; inquire $259.99.
Plain sterling-$150.00

Furies Bolo
or pendant or belt buckle

The furies were female spirtis of the air who pursued Orestes when he accidentally killed his father and married his mother. He wandered the land, insane, until the gods confronted him and he admitted to wrong-doing. The gods, so amazed that a human would take responsibilty instead of making excuses for himself, removed the curse and the Furies turned into the three Graces.
Powerful magic in this peice of jewelry art. It's done in sterling and is about 3 in wide.
May be ordered as pendent or belt buckle.
Fits belt to 1 1/2
Chain sold separately.

" I design and craft my jewelry to be collector's pieces in the future" .

Hi Laurie,        
Received this (phoenix pendant) yesterday and it is absolutely stunning. I've already had so many compliments it's unreal. It's a beautiful piece of work and beyond my expectations.  
I LOVE IT !!  
Thank you so much.  

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