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Finest Finnish Gem Spectrolite and Other Very Rare Gemstone Jewelry
Exquisite one of a kind gem stones and designs.


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NOTE: It takes a long time to make a body of work like this.
If you see something you like I can make you something similar.
But these gems are one of a kind and cannot be ordered up from the Earth.
Also, I will do extra services for you, but I do charge for them

Read History and Information of Spectrolite
See Loose Spectrolite Gem Cabochons for Jewelry Design

 #8 mine natural turquoise slab, Finnish spectrolite slab, azurite rough, lapis lazuli rough, rhodocrosite rough, sugilite rough, gold, sterling casting grain

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Blue finnish spectrolite sterling set

Gem Blue Finnish Spectrolite Sterling Necklace/Earrings set

The living colors in these gems move all over the place! This particular set of gems has not only intense blue, but also patches of yellow, red and purple. It is some of the best blue Spectrolite I've seen. I polish the gems on both sides and handcut them in my trademark fashion, I then set them in a band of cast precious metal. I then "chase" the stone into the hand-cast bezel. I also make the beads and the clasps by hand, one at a time. I do this only on the pieces I make to be hung from the leather cord. Many hours go into each one and each is one of a kind. Earrings have "leverbacks" for security. These pieces are for the woman who thought she had everything! Gem size:Neck - 39mmL x 12mmW 6mm thick.Ear -33mmL x9mmW 5.5mm thick (very lightweight).
finnish spectrolite 14K gold pendent-Laurie Stetzler

Maerlyn's Rainbow #4 14K Finnish Spectrolite Pendant

This Gem is from one of the finest crystals I got from Finland before Spectrolite became the "rage". I cut four pieces from it; this is the smallest. I sold it before I got it done! The most interesting thing about this design is that the chain becomes a design element, instead of just hanging the piece. I give myself credit for seeing that this could be done. This style is very innovative and I let the metal and materials do what they want instead of "forcing" them according to strict "modelmaking" rules. This produces a feeling of a wildness in the look of the precious metal. I let them be, believing them to show the raw power of the process. Sorry, never to be seen again:
$2,999.99 SOLD
mermaid Gold pendant sugilite

14K Mermaid Pendant
Gel Sugilite

Intricately carved mermaid with handcut gel sugilite. This wonderful mermaid is also available in 18K gold, yellow or white,inquire for pricing.
The mine in Wessels, South Africa is closeing; there will BE no more suglite except in private collections and especially the gel form is quite difficult to find. This handcut gel sugilite weighs 6 cts. Sugilite gel of this quality sells for $60.00 per carat. It has some even rarer Richerite showing as the blue. Exquisite piece of jewelry 2" from bail to tail.
Chain sold separately.
Contact for quote due to volatility of gold market.
Signed and copyrighted by the artist.

You may choose another, lower cost gem from the types I have available on my Gemstones page. Price will vary with stone.
Finnish spectrolite sterling pendant-Laurie Stetzler

Lavender/Gold rectangle Finnish Spectrolite Sterling Pendant

Very nice gem quality spectrolite pendant. Interesting, unusual division of lavender/gold. 24mmH x 15mmW(chain included)
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Gem Finnish Spectrolite 18K gold/Diamond custom necklace-Laurie Stetzler

Barbarian Talisman/Mearlyn's Rainbow

The flagship of this line of one of a kind jewelry
This gem came out of one of the only full crytals
I ever was able to get directly from the Finnish mine.
18K Rio Grande yellow gold. .33CTS mixed fancy colored diamonds.
Leather cord, handmade gold beads.
This Finnish Spectrolite is absolutely the finest of its kind.
I've cut saving the fine crystal structure it was born with.
Click image to see closeups of all parts of this one of a kind best Finnish Spectrolite.

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Finnish Purple Spectrolite 18K gold /diamond earrings

Gem Purple 18K gold Finnish Spectrolite/Diamond earrings

It is quite impossible to show the living colors in these gems in a photo. The colors move all over the place! Purple and red Spectrolite is the rarest color in Finnish spectrolite. Hand cast and chased 18k Rio Grande gold, 14K gold Lever back security posts. 2.4mm VS diamonds; .10cts total(very lightweight).
Finnish spectrolite 18K gold/diamond necklace-Laurie Stetzler

Maerlyn's Rainbow #2 Finnish Spectrolite/Diamond 18K Pendant

18K Rio Grande Gold; hand cast and chased. This Gem is from the finest crystal I got from Finland before Spectrolite became the "rage". I cut four pieces from it; this is the second. Red, Red, Violet, Violet; the rarest colors. This gem's "schiller" is very strong in good light. This technique my own. It produces a feeling of a wildness in the look of the precious metal. Diamond polished back and front of gem; open back. The 1/3 ct VVS Diamond eccentric setting is a very fine diamond. Max. dim. of spectrolite: 40mmH x40mmW 5mm thick 38cts. You will never see another like it, one of the very best Spectrolites left available
14K gold Kingman natural turquoise pendent-Laurie Stetzler

Kingman Turquoise 14K Gold Pendant

I've had this turquoise since the 1970's. This is the REAL birdseye You will never see another of this quality. I haven't seen it since the 70's. It's not water web, it's not the new, heavily spiderwebbed nuggets going for hundreds per gram, it's not anything but the classic, impossible to find now BIRD'SEYE Beautiful blue spiderweb. Nice big turquoise in 14k gold w solid gold back. Top quality "high blue" gem Kingman/Birdseye.... nice pyrite balance. Totally natural and untreated in any way. Thin bronze backing under the stone for protection. RARE AAAA+; the turquoise alone is worth the price. (chain sold separately)
Crystal and Lapis sterling pendant

Art Deco Women Crystal and Lapis Pendant

This is a powerful one-of-a-kind piece. beautifully cut Lapis Lazuli point. And the Quartz crystal is natural. This is one of the pieces I will be creating with the Art Deco Women basic element. Itís really a show-stopper. The Lapis is gem quality, lovely blue with beautiful pyrite stars. 13/4 wide 11/2 From point to point. Sterling silver with 24K triple plated gold vermeil.
A truly special pendent; chain included.

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Finnish Spectrolite Gold Phoenix pendant

Finnish Spectrolite Gold Phoenix pendant

This is a design representing the "mythical" Phoenix rising from destruction to live again. It represents hope, courage and the irrepressible upward striving of all life. The stone I'm using is called Spectrolite,only found in Finland; a relative of Moonstone and a very high quality variation of Labradorite. I cast this one in 18k yellow gold, but you may choose 14k yellow or white gold if you wish. This piece is one and one half inches high. Weighs 7-12 grams depending on carat quality. approx $1500.00 in 14K. With selected handcut stone ( choice may add to cost)and gold chain if desired.

Finnish spectrolite sterling earrings-Laurie Stetzler

Round Gem Spectrolite Sterling Earrings

Hand cut,Nice 19mm round dangle earrings. Rare reds and purples. Sterling silver leverbacks for security. Lightweight.
finnish spectrolite 14K gold pendent-Laurie Stetzler

Partytime Finnish Spectrolite 14K Pendant

Many of the dark places show rare purple and teal in different lights. It shows the "Schiller" effect best in strong light. It has excellent patterning and clear color show with reds, purples; the whole rainbow, making it a true gem. It is cut and polished on both sides and shows "schiller" on both. It is HUGE, weighing 30 grams; over an ounce; my carat scale doesn't go high enough! This size is impossible to find anymore in thsi qualityI've used a 1.6mm gold chain as design element, you may want a longer chain, let me know if you do. Size: 47mmH x34mmW 7.8mm thick.
Finnish spectrolite 14K gold necklace -Laurie Stetzler

Red Heart Finnish Spectrolite 14K Necklace

This piece of Finnish spectrolite is the true rare red, not magenta. A+ gem quality. As you can see the gem has what appear to be lightning bolts of yellow gold shooting thru it. It is 14k Rio Grande gold with handmade beads and clasps. Handcast and chased. 23mmH x 29mmW 25cts. One of the best.

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