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Exquisite Unique one of a kind gem stones and designs. Current Work Available For Sale
Chains not included unless specified. Choice of leather cords included


You may order items without gold plating
at significant discount. The plating process is lengthy and expensive; get the design without the gold if preferred. Inquire.

 Laurie Stetzler handmade master jeweler
Introducing Nicole & Michel. They will be modeling the jewelry on the image details pages
Jester Masks-Laurie Stetzler

Jester Mask Pendant

Pendant. This is a mask pendant I designed to satisfy the interest in the masks in my design gallery. It is cast in sterling silver and then accents are added with 24k triple plated gold vermeil, a VERY difficult process. I made them so they may be ordered separately as either earrings or pendants. You may also choose your favorite colors for the stones;see other gems. The Jesters are approximately 1 1/2" long and are pretty lightweight as they are hollowed out. They are quite striking when worn. Made to order. Please allow time for my production to fill your order.

Dolphins Sterling Pendant

  The playful, joyous Dolphin is always the peace symbol especially with the yin/yang symbol of balance, which I filled with coloures enamel to get the deep black

  I have placed all these animals in a sacred circle with Sleeping Beauty natural turquoise at the cardinal points.
May be orderd with a turquoise leather braided cord or plain black

   Available in sterling and gold or a combination of these metals.Request price for the gold version.
Weighs a full 1/2 ounce of sterling.

Mermaid Goddess pendant-Laurie Stetzler

Tiamaat Pendant
The ancient goddess who created the earth and heavens and the order "maat" of Sumeria and Egypt. She was a mermaid in one aspect as She balanced the heaven and the waters. She is the most ancient of deities. Lost wax cast in sterling with 24K gold vermeil triple plating. Dimensions 2" X 2". Quite a show stopper piece!Comes with leather cord with sterling clasp.

Sterling, gold flower pansy pendant-Laurie Stetzler

Pansy Flower Pendant

Super realistic pansy flower pendant. D block Tanzanite, very blue with purple highlights, 4mm round Flawless .25 total ct weight. 1 1/2in diameter; 24K triple plated gold accents; hand cast sterling settings.
These will be the only 4mm Tanzi I will offer, unless I can find more.
Tanzania has stopped export of tanzanite and the prices are going sky high.
Choose 14K or sterling silver chain. You may choose a less expensive gem for these which will reduce the price.
Matching lightweight stunning earrings HERE on earrings page.
My doctor's wife loves these. They just can't figure out how I did them!
Pegasus sterling pendant-Laurie Stetzler Pegasus sterling pendant-Laurie Stetzler

Pegasus Pendant full Sculpture

Love those wings; she looks about to fly right away. A true stunner; cast in sterling , 1 5/8" tall.
If your soul yearns to fly, let her take you along.
For men and women.
Signed and copyrighted by the artist.

12/07 - Hi Laurie--
We received it (Pegasus)
and it's fabulous, extremely fine work.
Thanks again, it made a wonderful early Christmas present.
Blessed be.
14K Kingman natural turquoise pendent

Kingman Turquoise 14K Gold Pendant

I've had this turquoise since the 1970's. This is the REAL birdseye You will never see another of this quality. I haven't seen it since the 70's. It's not water web. Nice big turquoise in 14k gold w solid gold back. Top quality "high blue" gem Kingman/Birdseye.... nice pyrite balance. Totally natural and untreated in any way. Thin bronze backing under the stone for protection. RARE AAA+; the turquoise alone is worth the price.

Medusa Bolo
or Belt Buckle or Pendant

This poor woman was pursued by Zeus, father of the Greek Gods. His wife, Hera, jealously turned her hair into a nest of snakes, thereafter turning to stone any man who gazed upon her.
Low relief sculpture in sterling, she is a show-stopper!

sterling turquoise Santa Fe cow skull pendant-Laurie Stetzler
Cow Skull Dangle Pendant

1” round sterling silver with zigzag dangles. Natural Sleeping Beauty turquoise.
Comes with the rolo chain Please specify length. Available without the zigzags dangles
A beautiful accompaniment to the earrings
Gold Spectrolite Phoenix pendant-Laurie Stetzler  Gold Spectrolite Phoenix pendant-Laurie Stetzler

Phoenix pendant-18K Gold(price varies with market)

This is a design representing the "mythical" Phoenix rising from destruction to live again. It represents hope, courage and the irrepressible upward striving of all life. The stone I'm using is called Spectrolite,only found in Finland; a relative of Moonstone and a very high quality variation of Labradorite.I cast this one in 18k yellow gold, but you may choose 14k yellow or white gold if you wish; email me for a quote, as the gold market changes daily. This piece is one and one half inches high. Weighs 7-12 grams depending on carat quality.
At $1200 per ounce approx $1500.00 in 18K, depending on gem you choose.

Animal Dance

I feel this design to be a prayer for the peace and health of the earth. It is the only piece in this line to incorporate a stone. I have used paua shell to represent the earth as it looks most closely to the views seen from space. You may choose another gem;cost will change with value of gem.
Sterling Silver.
Signed and copyrighted by the artist.

Pleased client:
"The design and craftsmanship is so wonderfully awesome!
Recently I wore it as a pin to the gallery opening and everyone was impressed and asked about the piece.
I am so glad that I chose Animal Dance!!!" Wm. Mason 9-03
Phoenix Spectrolite Pendant -Laurie Stetzler

Phoenix Pendant-Sterling

This is a design representing the "mythical" Phoenix rising from destruction to live again. It represents hope, courage and the irrepressible upward striving of all life. The stone I'm using is called Spectrolite, a relative of Moonstone and a very high quality variation of Labradorite. See Spectolite History page for the story. The colors are much brighter than opals and more dramatic. This basically black stone throws colors as the light hits it. This piece is one and one half inches high.

Dragon pendant sugilite -Laurie Stetzler
Dragon Pendant

This Dragon is a "Chinese style" dragon. 1 1/4" X 1 1/4" gem: 8mm round 14cts; Cast in Sterling and accented with 24K triple plated gold, it holds a gem gel sugilite with rare Richerite. I handcut my stones from the finest rough I can find. You may choose another, lower cost gemstone from the types I have available on my Gemstones page. Gem prices will vary price of piece;inquire. May be ordered as Brooch.

Chain sold separately.
New Moon Pendant-Laurie Stetzler

New Moon Pendant

Connotating new beginnings, the rising new moon is a symbol of rebirth and, hopefully, enlightenment.Cast in sterling with 24K triple plated accents, it is 1" round (sort of).
Chain sold separately
Gold mermaid pendant sugilite -Laurie Stetzler

Mermaid Pendant-14K Gold
Gel Suglite

Intricately carved mermaid with handcut gel sugilite. This wonderful mermaid is also available in 18K gold, yellow or white.
Suglite is becoming increasingly rare and especially this gel form is quite difficult to find. the mine in South Africa closed about five years ago. This sugilite weighs 6 cts. It has some even rarer Richerite showing as the blue. Exquisite piece of jewelry 2" from bail to tail. Her face is 3mm tall, tiny
Contact for quote due to volatility of gold market.
Chain sold separately.
Signed and copyrighted by the artist.

You may choose another gemstone from the types I have available on my Gemstones page
sterling turquoise Santa Fe lizard fetish necklace-Laurie Stetzler
Santa Fe Lizard Pendant/Necklace

This is an ancient totem
1” round with zigzag dangles
Comes with the rolo chain. Natural Sleeping Beauty turquoise.
Please specify length.
A beautiful accompaniment to the earrings
For women or men

polar bear sterling pendant-Laurie Stetzler

Polar Bear Family

  My version in carved sterling of a famous photograph of a loving polar bear family in sterling. Mother animals love their babies as much as we do.
A sacred circle with cardinal points set with blue chalcedony surrounds this life-like sculpture. May be ordered with light blue or black leather cord with handcast sterling tips

  Please click on photo to see details and to buy this gorgeous pendant.

   Available in sterling and gold or a combination of these metals. Request price for the gold versions.
$450.00 + shipping

Art Deco Women
matching earrings

These earrings are art deco inspired. They match the pendant. Lost wax cast in sterling silver with 24K gold vermeil, they are 7/8in long by 5/8in wide. Truly classy and classic. May be ordered as clip-ons. $124.99
Mermaid Pendant-Laurie Stetzler

Small Mermaid Pendants
These little mermaids are great, inexpensive expressions of love. They are 7/8 in wide.

Mermaid Pendant 14K Gold$149.99

chains sold separately

Wolf Face Pendant

  The gorgeous face of a wolf carved in sterling silver.

  Please click on photo to see details and to see larger images of this gorgeous pendant. Red garnet eyes and cardinal points in sacred circle

   Available in sterling and gold or a combination of these metals. Request price for the gold versions.
Comes with Chinese red leather cords with separators and hand cast hook and eye closures as shown in the views when clicked. Weighs a full 1/2 ounce of sterling.
$550.00 + shipping

Medusa Pendant-Laurie Stetzler

Medusa pendant

Hera, the wife of Greek god Zeus, in a jealous rage, turned this poor woman into a gorgon. The purpose being to cause no man to look on her again without turning to stone!Very powerful statement. Lost wax cast in sterling silver with 24K triple plated gold vermeil. She’s a pendent.
Unicorn sculpture/pendant-Laurie Stetzler

Dancing Unicorn Sculpture/Pendant

1 1/2 Inches tall full standing sculpture. Talisman of the Joy of life in every line of this little unicorn. Lost wax cast in sterling with 24K vermeil triple plated gold.
Can either be ordered as a pendent or, without the loop as a free standing piece.
Gold or Sterling Chain sold separately.Colored leather cord if desired.

Furies Pendant
or bolo or belt buckle

The furies were female spirits of the air who pursued Orestes when he accidentally killed his father and married his mother. He wandered the land, insane, until the gods confronted him and he admitted to wrong-doing. The gods, so amazed that a human would take responsibilty instead of making excuses for himself, removed the curse and the Furies turned into the three Graces.
Powerful magic in this peice of jewelry art. It's done in sterling and is about 3 in wide.
May be ordered as pendent or belt buckle.
Fits belt to 1 1/2

Dragon pendant-Laurie Stetzler

Sterling Dragon Pendant/Charm

Dragon design in sterling. Very nice dragon. These little dragons are 1 inch long. Perfect size for a charm and to charm! Pendent/charm only.

Dragon pendants-Laurie Stetzler
Gold Dragon pendant/Charm 14K gold
A very nice dragon. These little dragons are 1 inch long. Perfect size for a charm and to charm!


Great Goddess brooch-Laurie Stetzler

Great Goddess

A new/old look at creation and where it came from! This has always been one of my most popular designs. 2 5/8" tall. Sterling Silver w 24K triple plated gold accents.
$279.99 Signed and copyrighted by the artist.

Gold or Sterling Chain sold separately.
sterling turquoise labrys feminism height=

Labrys Pendant

Back by popular demand, the ultimate symbol of radical feminism. The labrys is the doubled-headed axe wielded in legend by the Amazons in war. I've put a natural turquoise in it and accented it with triple plated gold vermiel.You may choose from other gemstones. 1 1/2 in high.
Because of recent increases in various gem prices, just the pendant will be offered at the stated price. The gemstones chosen will affect the final price. (sorry) The chain or cords with hook and eye are sold separately. Please specify length if desired.

If you don't find just the right piece be sure to check out:Custom Jewelry Design

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