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Custom Jewelry is a Whole Other World in Investment

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Please read contract carefully

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     I offer a complete special order design house, but no CAD, all handcarved;I do all the design and jewelry work myself. It is NOT farmed out to helpers or out-sourced. Making jewelry the way I make it is a rapidly dying art. The equipment I use is as costly and similar to what a dentist uses. I am a Master Jeweler and Lapidarist, with two Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees one in Jewelry & Silversmithing and one in Drawing & Painting. I've worked in the jewelry field for over 45+ years.
This is not a sidewalk crafts fair site, or HSN.

These terms are to help you understand and make it easier for you to help me do what your heart desires. See About Laurie for my bona fides.

    * I accept custom work in order of deposits recieved. You may assure your place in my schedule with a small payment or the design fee. If you do NOT wish to make a deposit, I cannot hold a place for you based on verbal/email communication and you may be disappointed when you wish to have your work done.

    *I MUST have all the information I need, like sizes, pictures, etc, BEFORE I start to design. This is especially important with rings as they must fit comfortably on the hand

    * I will not do design work for you without a pre-paid fee, which is credited to the final cost of the project. Consider the design the equivalent of an architectural blueprint. We make desired changes during this process for your total satisfaction. In the digital world,the design is yours to do with as you please once I have transmitted it to you.

    * If you desire custom work, please allow time for me to create it a few months advance of when it's needed.

    *If you have your own hard copy, detailed ( pencil/pen or other) design, just send it to me for a quote. A design fee does not apply to you unless I have to alter it to get it to work in metal.

    *When we agree on the terms of the entire project, custom jewelry design orders are taken with a 50% deposit. I then purchase or create the materials ( metals, gems, etc) and commence the work on the jewelry. The deposit is taken through Paypal.

    * (VERY IMPORTANT!!!)When we decide to go forward with a custom jewelry piece, made just for you, we need to work together in mutal respect and close communication to produce this piece of art in precious metals. I need my questions answered in a straightforward,timely manner

    *You have hired me to do this as an expert as I have many years of knowledge of what metals/gems can and cannot do. There are things sterling will do that gold cannot.
    It is much more difficult to work gold than sterling. So, if I advise that a certain thing cannot be done or may need to be changed a bit to look better, due to the behaviors of the metal/materials used, I urge you to heed my expertise.
    It is, after all, a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry and has to be invented in some ways

    * I may be able to use your old gold/sterling in casting, depending on the condition it's in. This significantly reduces costs to you. You need only purchase enough new gold/sterling to stablize the alloy. Most jewelers will not use scrap gold and will tell you you need to use all new gold. I check the alloy to make sure the karat content is correct.

    *I intensely document the custom order jewelry design process photographically for your approval at the design/drawings stage, master model stage and the finished jewelry. The photos of finished, gold/silver painted master models will be emailed to you for your approval or possible changes as they are created and when they can be easily understood and able to be discussed. It's not easy and can be confusing in early points to see what is happening in the process if you don't do what I do. A lot has to happen between the design and the actual finished piece of jewelry. I have a page that shows the bare bones of the process, if you're interested in that.

    * Detailed pictures of the finished jewelry piece will be emailed to you for your viewing and final approval. After the balance is paid in full, the work is shipped to you.

    *Custom designed jewelry is non-refundable, unless the finished piece is substantially different than the design agreed upon and documented in the designs and photos.
Rest assured that I will work very hard to please you and will always go extra miles for your satisfaction. I strive for people who get one of a kind pieces of jewelry art from me to be not merely pleased, but ecstatic with all my jewelry art.

    *Custom jewelry work is guaranteed for 5 years against manufacturing defects, barring misuse, normal wear and tear, or accidents. I will repair it for a reasonable fee if you damage it.

I have found that these conditions/contract make for a smooth working relationship and satisfied customers throughout the world.

If you have questions about these terms for one of a kind jewelry, please email me or call.
I ask that you send me an email stating you have read, understand and agree to my terms before I do any work.

This is an order for a man's coin ring.

men's jewelry - sun coin ring custom order
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Gem Stones


designer handcut rare cabochons
Gem Stones

Dear Laurie,
        I  received the pendant, and I have to tell you, it is beautiful.  I am so very
happy with how it looks and wears.  I don't know how to thank you enough for
all the time and effort you put into it.  It is something that I will have
for my lifetime and will always remind me of, not only my father, but also
all my memories of him.  I am sure that if he could, he too would remark how
beautiful it is. 
I don't know if you know this or not, but you have helped me through the most
difficult time in my life.  Not only with the pendant, but also with the kind
and compassionate words you've had for me and my mother, as well.  I will
never forget this experience or you. 
Thank you ever so much,

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