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Custom Jewelry Design
Custom Jewelry is a Whole Other World.

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It takes a bit of time to produce one of a kind custom jewelry,
especially if I'm busy with other orders, you may be disappointed when you want your piece done if you don't allow at least a couple of months for the process .
*Click for Custom Jewelry Design Order Terms and Guarantees* Please read.
Thank you

This is an order for a man's coin ring.

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These designs are intended as representations of quality and variety of the one of a kind custom jewelry work I produce.

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"THE REEF" Neck Piece

    I made this gorgeous neckpiece with a variety of techniques and materials. The center gem in the turtle is a $10,000 Australian Boulder Opal. I added tube set VVS diamonds (about 1/2 carat altogether) to represent bubbles arising in the sea. The enamel used is transparent Coloures from Rio Grande Jewelry Supply. The metals I cast it in are Argentinium Silver®, a bluer alloy than Sterling. I mixed it with 14K white gold/Palladium alloy. It will not be turning black, I'll tell you that!
     All the elements move and it is very confortable to wear. This is a little something I dreamed up years ago to make kinetic pieces which fit nearly any wearer. It works very well in this peice. I've also incorporated a couple of inventions which are in the patent process now.
The main turtle/opal center may be released with a catch and worn as separate pendant on a chain
    The torque is hand forged Argentinium Silver® half round soldered together and forged and shaped.
The client is blown away by it.

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Plume agate Phoenix ring  - Laurie Stetzler

Sterling Phoenix Ring

Phoenix ring designed with inspiration from Egyptian, Celtic and Art Noveau stylistics. The gem is a rare Idaho handcut Plume agate. May be custom ordered piece with choice of stone. This is a pretty large ring at 25mm long, but I can adjust it for any shape stone and a smaller/larger size. Please allow extra time for this.
Base price of ring without gem is $800.00 in sterling
 moon pendant custom designed sterling  with diamonds and ruby-Laurie Stetzler

Custom Designed Sterling Silver Crescent Moon and Stars Pendant - .25 CTS VS &FL Diamonds

this is a "fabricated" custom piece. Handmade settings. Teardrop Ruby. Flat construction technique with "coloures" enamel. Endless leather cord.
Dan paid me $1500.00 for this piece in 2002

#8 mine Turquoise Bracelet - Custom

This bracelet was created using elaborate fabrication techniques, chasing the stones into place from a single, milled piece of silver (no bezel). The stones float above the bracelet, looking almost as if they are unattached. The mine was closed 28 years ago. So, the natural, gem quality isn't around anymore. Blue and hard. No backing or treatment. Priceless

Phoenix Ring w Rare Pietersite

Custom Designed for a woman with a need for a smaller ring than the large one at the beginning of this row. Incorporates a smaller custom cut gem of Chinese gem quality Pietersite. Shows how adaptable this design is. Sue paid $1450.00


Belt Buckles, Bolos




Dragons/ Mermaids


Gem Stones

"I hope you’ll find in my designs inspiration for yourself".

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Lapis Lazuli Pendant and Ring - 18k Gold
Ring-Madan Char mine/Badakhshan, Afghanistan

    I designed and hand cut these AAA Lapis gems and made the Pendant and ring
for a woman who wanted something simple yet elegant. We concentrated the design in the bail.
This was hand carved in hard wax and cast using the lost wax casting method,even the bezel
around the gem is cast.
My client provided the gold from her old rings.

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Custom ordered Rare Gem Lavender Jade mythical Phoenix ring

One white gold phoenix;one yellow gold lost wax cast with cast, chased bezel in 14K gold. Infinity sign hides under the jade
Mythical Phoenix Ring - The Phoenix is symbolic of the courage of the spirit to rise from adversity. It has always been one of my favorite talismans, reminding us there is always hope. Priceless jade.
I can make you one with another stone; inquire

Custom designed Om Bracelet w/ Handmade Buddha Boxcatch

Custom designed Om Bracelet w/ Handmade Buddha Boxcatch Sterling Silver. This bracelet today would be $2200.00

Custom Dragon Pendant

With (customer provided) synthetic high quality sapphire, sterling inlaid with enamel in the scales and fire from her mouth. I designed, handcarved, cast and finished this exquisite piece. In the year 2000 client paid $1800.00 for this pendant

A+ gem quality Finnish Spectolite set in 18K White Gold Pendant

Custom Designed one of the finest red and purple crystals I've had the pleasure to cut. Design is the Hidari_mitsudomoe: the Royal crest of Ryukyu Kingdom in Okinawa. Gem quality spectolite set in 18K white gold w/white gold wheat chain. In 2006, this priced at $1800.00 with chain

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custom designed 14K gold diamond ring-Laurie Stetzler

Custom 14K gold Lotus Mandala Ring

Still views. Click to see one of the most difficult and rewarding rings I've ever made.
It has an Escher style look. The small diamonds are machined into cast tubes.
I used the client's wedding ring gold with added new gold.
I photographed the ring on a mirror to show the underside which is just as important as the top.
Click to view video of ring
client paid $6000.00 in 2008 and provided the diamonds.
I invented a stone setting technique for this ring. The mathematics of the design were very intense.
custom designed 18k white gold pendant-Laurie Stetzler

Custom Design 1% Pendant on Omega chain

Made just for Patti who allowed me time to work this out as perfectly as I could. I carved it in hard, green carving wax and cast it in 18K white gold. The pendant with chain was $1800.00 in 2008
custom designed dioptase crystal pendant and earrings

Custom Ordered Dioptase Pendant and Earring Set

I formed wax around these crytals and then cast the result to make the settings for this healing set for a wonderful client in Trinidad/Tobago. The set was $850.00 in 2008
 Rare Ceylon blue moonstone, diamond 14Kgold and sterling silver
A+ gem quality Ceylon Blue Moonstone
and Diamond Ring

I've worn this design for 30 years until it wore out! So I took a mold off the old one and re-carved it. The blue moonstone is flawless and extinct now. It's on my finger now. It's actually two rings which I designed to fit together. My personal protective talisman. I'm so glad it's back! (Every once in awhile, I give myself a little present...) Priceless

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custom designed Tanzanite earrings 14K gold-Laurie Stetzler

Custom Ordered 14K Tanzanite Earrings

5.5 (1 carat plus total) Trillion Tanzanite set in 24K washed 14K Rio Grande gold. Handcarved settings. My design...if you look closely, you can see the filigree is formed in the shape of a heart. These are carved back and front.
In 2003, these earrings were $1500.00

You've made two people very happy.

custom designed Finnish Specrolite 14K gold Pendant - Laurie Stetzler Jewelry
A+ gem quality Finnish Spectolite 18K Gold Pendant

Custom Designed very rare example of gem A+ quality spectolite set in 18K gold. I gave this to my friend. Spectrolite like this isn't not available anymore
custom handcarved natural turquoise arrowhead pendant

Natural Chinese Turquoise Arrowhead Pendant

I hand carved this very rare clear Chinese turquoise, which came from a large nugget I purchased from China In the early part of this century. This material isn't coming out of China anymore. It is wrapped with 14K gold wire to form the pendant loop. This pendant would be $2000.00 today, if I could find the turquoise
Purple Finnish Specrolite earrings  - Laurie Stetzler

A+ Purple Finnish Spectrolite Earrings

Serious gem Finnish spectrolite. Not much of this coming out anymore. I have a decent supply as I bought before the mines started blasting the material out. I handcut these stones to match; very difficult with spectrolite as each layer of color can be so different. These earrings were $750.00 in 2004

A Brief overview of Custom Jewelry Design

     The reason custom jewelry costs so much more than the limited edition pieces on my site is that, in custom jewelry, all the production necessities of a run of maybe thousands in the jewelry production factories must be worked out for a single piece of jewelry never to be reproduced. This is alot of work, designing, thinking and engineering. I may even need to invent techniques for some of the custom pieces I produce. Jewelry is the most technical of all the arts. It is, or can be, very machine intensive. Jewelry is so technical that many people involved in the production of jewelry specialize in various areas of the craft.

    Custom jewelry is, by definition, handmade by a jewelry artist for a specific customer. It can be made using what we call "flat stock", which is precious metal sheet and/or wire. This is usually the simplest way to make custom jewelry and is always one of a kind jewelry. The jewelry artist "simply" takes her jeweler's saw and cuts out the shapes, solders them together, and polishes them; setting any gems after the polishing is accomplished. This is called "fabricated jewelry". Of course, fabricated jewelry may also use advanced techinques such as repousse, married metals, etc.

Jewelry materials and metals  Metal stock used    jewelry carving wax  Hard Carving Wax Blocks

    Then, there's what's called "the lost wax casting process". This process is what is used in foundry casting of large bronze statues, only this is on a minature scale. In this jewelry process many techniques and sophisticated equipment is used. But the basic is the carving of a "wax master model". Many techniques can be used to produce this model. But I generally carve directly into a wax block. This process is most easily adapted to "production" or mass-producing jewelry. Mass-produced jewelry is NOT custom jewelry and many pieces of the same jewelry can be reproduced. Many custom jewelers use this method also to produce their work in either one of a kind jewelry or "limited edition" jewelry. It stands to reason that a single jeweler, working alone is not going to mass-produce any design!

    I use the lost wax casting process primarily, along with cutting-edge technology to produce either my "limited edition" work on my gallery pages of this site or, to produce one of a kind jewelry for specific clients. I do all the work myself; a rapidly dying skill which incorporates extensive knowledge of the complete "lost wax casting" and fabrication jewelry making process entire.

    Many people don't view custom jewelry as an "Art". This is a patently false attitude based on the belief that jewelry is a "women's' bauble, or vanity. Such hubris! Jewelry has been worn and used as amulets and evidence of rank since the earliest peoples populated the earth. When I produce a custom work of art in precious metal, the same amount of artistic talent or more goes into the piece as any painting I have ever done. I never reproduce or in any way offer that jewelry again to another client, unless we agree in writing that I may.

Dear Laurie,
        I  received the pendant, and I have to tell you, it is beautiful.  I am so very
happy with how it looks and wears.  I don't know how to thank you enough for
all the time and effort you put into it.  It is something that I will have
for my lifetime and will always remind me of, not only my father, but also
all my memories of him.  I am sure that if he could, he too would remark how
beautiful it is. 
I don't know if you know this or not, but you have helped me through the most
difficult time in my life.  Not only with the pendant, but also with the kind
and compassionate words you've had for me and my mother, as well.  I will
never forget this experience or you. 
Thank you ever so much,

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