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Models exhibiting jewelry
Introducing Nicole & Michel. They will be modeling the jewelry on the image details pages
sterling Mermaid Goddess pendant-Laurie Stetzler

Mermaid Brooch -sale
The ancient goddess who it was beleived created the earth and heavens. She was thought to be a mermaid. She is lost wax cast in sterling with 24K gold vermeil plating. Dimensions 2" X 2". Quite a show stopper piece! I am discontinuing the brooch version of this design. I have two left which I am discounting....first come, first served

- $125.00 brooch only
sterling Stag deer Pin-Laurie Stetzler

Roebuck Pin

This is a low relief sculpture. The Roebuck is one of the sacred animals of the Greek huntress goddess, Diana. It is sterling silver with the horns in triple-plated 24k vermeil. This piece is two inches long; very lightweight. Exquistite and elegant.


In plain sterling- $95.00
sterling Tiger circle Brooch-Laurie Stetzler

Tiger Continuum Pin

This brooch represents the rapidly disappearing Siberian tiger. The tigers are cast in sterling silver with 24k gold vermeil accents. The piece is one and three quarters inches wide. Lightwieght

in plain sterling- $200.00

"I’m mostly interested in interpreting the beauty of life, both the spiritual and the manifest."

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sterling Siamese Fighting Fish brooches/pin-Laurie Stetzler

Siamese Fighting Fish Pins
Sterling silver with triple-plated 24k vermeil.
I used to keep these beautiful fish and they inspired me with their flowing grace. May be purchased separately, but they really look good together.
Made to order, two and one quarter inches long.

Plain sterling price each- $125.00
sterling Pegasus pin/pendant-Laurie Stetzler

Pegasus Pin/Pendant

Zeus, the king of the Greek Gods, personal mount. A totally mythological figure, unfortunately. Who wouldn’t want a horse who can fly? Well now you can have one in sterling silver with triple-plated 24K gold vermeil, either on a chain or as a pin. 2 1/4 high by 2'wide.
Pin or pendent.
Plain sterling- $95.00

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sterling environmental Earth symbol sterling brooch-Laurie Stetzler

Animal Dance

This design is a prayer for the peace and health of the earth. 1.75 inch in diameter. I have used paua shell to represent the earth as it looks most closely to the views seen from space. You may select a different stone.
Sterling Silver.
Signed and copyrighted by the artist.
sterling Great Goddess brooch-Laurie Stetzler

Great Goddess

2 5/8" tall. Sterling Silver w 24K gold accents. Signed and copyrighted by the artist.
plain sterling- $135.00
sterling Leopard pin-Laurie Stetzler

Leopard Pin

An art -deco reminiscent design of a leopard sitting in a tree. Sterling silver with triple-plated 24k gold vermeil spots. Made to order, lots of handwork with the gold plating technique. Approximately three inches long, lighweight too
plain sterling -$250.00
sterling Lily flower brooch -Laurie Stetzler

Lily Brooch

A very realistic representation of the beautiful daylily. This piece requires three molds to make: a masterpiece. Cast thin to make it lightweight 4" tall. Sterling Silver w triple-plated 24K gold accents. Signed and copyrighted by the artist.
Availble in plain sterling for $249.00

 "I design and craft my jewelry to be collector's pieces in the future".

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