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                     The Reef Neck piece


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The Reef Neck Piece

  I designed and made this gorgeous neckpiece with a variety of techniques and materials. The center gem in the turtle is a $10,000 Australian Boulder Opal. I added tube set diamonds to represent bubbles arising in the sea. The enamel used is transparent Coloures from Rio Grande Jewelry Supply. The metals I used in it are Argentinium Silver®, a bluer alloy than Sterling, mixed with 14K white gold/Palladium alloy. It will not be turning black, I assure you!

   All the elements move and it is very comfortable to wear. This is a little invention I dreamed up years ago to make kinetic peices which fit nearly any wearer. It works very well in this peice. I've also incorporated a couple of inventions which are in the patent process now.

  The central element with the turtle/opal may be removed by a self-invented release to wear on a chain separately.

  The torque is hand forged Argentinium Silver® half round soldered together and forged and shaped.

The client is blown away by it.

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