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Award Winning Innovative Designer Jewelry - When You must have the VERY BEST


New Custom Ordered Neck-piece with Top Grade Australian Boulder Opal
Alloy of 14K White gold, Argentinium Silver®, diamonds, enamel. All elements move with the wearer
Center piece w/opal can be worn as a pendant alone
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      I offer a complete special order design house, but no CAD, all handcarved;casting it into precious metal with the lost wax casting process. I am a sculptor in miniature works of art. The process I use is very similar to the casting of large bronze sculpture.

  All art tells a story in some way. That is what I attempt to do with my jewelry and talismans; tell a story that an individual can recognize and identify with. A story and a coming together of sometimes ancient symbols which still have meaning today. I do this with the metals, stones and designs I use, and my years of study of the properties of each.

  My online store offers highest quality handmade jewelry made to last. Hardly anyone does what Laurie Stetzler Jewelry does these days or can offer the services you need to specifiation.
Specializing in wearable miniature sculptural jewelry, I produce each piece from design to finished product myself, with exceptional attention to detail. I am a master at my craft and have invented several metal processes and jewelry findings, both simple and complex, which are now being used all through the jewelry industry. It takes years and years and patience, discipline and expensive equipment to achieve mastery of this very technical art/craft.

  My emphasis is on the spiritual, shamanistic powers of metal and gems. As far as I'm concerned, a piece of jewelry does not need to be a holder for a stone. I build/carve my designs using silver for stability and gold for strength. Most of my hand made jewelry uses both these metals for that reason. Therefore, if a gem is needed or desirable, it functions as a LENSE to channel energy either out from the wearer or into the wearer. Where the jewelry is worn on the body is very important to accomplish the desired result. My designs include animal, amulet, environmental, spiritual, wiccan and mythological themes in the sculpture of this fine jewelry.

  Some of the pieces are supplied with chains or cords and some may be ordered separately, if desired. I do this because you may desire a different chain than I would hang the piece on and also because gold and silver chain prices vary widely and wildly.

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 Laurie Stetzler 

The Phoenix arrived yesterday.  It surpassed my fact, I haven't taken it off since it got here!  Thank you for a wonderful gift to myself - it is beautiful and symbolic...I appreciate your efforts and your talent.  I am so pleased.

       Kind Regards,
        Dr. Teri

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